The secret of “Cleopatra” consists of honey-salt peeling, cream-honey glazing and relaxing massage of the whole body in oil.

90 minDuration 1250 UAHPrice

History and Description of the procedure
Until now, the secrets of the beauty of Queen Cleopatra have been handed over. One of them are milk-honey bathrooms. The magic effect of milk and honey was noted in the annals of ancient Rome, where it was mentioned about milk as the best remedy for the formation of wrinkles, and about honey, as a remarkable antibacterial, decongestant.

Milk in combination with honey since ancient times is one of the most accessible and used as a cosmetic product product, which is still used by women, daily paying attention to the condition of their skin and body.


  1. Warming in the phyto barrel.
  2. Body peeling.
  3. Body wrap.
  4. Massage – 30-40 minutes (performed with coconut oil).
  5. Recreation. Tea with honey.

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