New “Tropical Breeze”

Wraps, in fact, the number of exotic known since antiquity. Even in ancient Egypt and Rome, it was known that fruits contribute to the renewal of the skin. Women of that time made themselves natural masks from fresh fruits to preserve youth. At the heart of this spa program is the use of a duet of tropical fruits like kiwi and banana. This combination of fruit acids restores the natural regulation of the skin, tightens and tones it, and is also a strong relaxing remedy. Well, if you want to help your face stay young and beautiful, the body – well-groomed, and the skin – gentle, then the Spa Tropical Breeze program will perfectly suit you.

180 minDuration 2250 UAHPrice

How is the "Tropical Breeze" going?

Stage 1 – warm-up
At the initial stage, the body needs to warm up before opening the pores and giving off a lot of sweat.
Stage 2 – peeling based on fresh kiwi.
Fruit peeling will not only cleanse your skin from the keratinized layer of cells, but also nourish it, increase its tone.
Today, it is scientifically proven that fruit acids are able to penetrate all layers of the skin up to the dermis, promoting its rejuvenation and providing a lifting effect. They also reduce fat content, reduce pigmentation and
improve the general condition of the skin. The skin becomes soft and tender, its healthy color returns.
Stage 3 – wrapping “banana + kiwi”
The abundance of vitamins and active substances in this “banana + kiwi” wrapping will help to make the skin smooth and glowing health. Banana – an excellent regenerating and deeply nourishing skin remedy, and kiwi – promotes its rejuvenation, gives it a tone and elasticity. This wrapping will help in a short time to eliminate dryness of the skin and restore its smoothness and youth.
Stage 4 – Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi
Lomi Lomi is one of the most ancient types of massage, originated in the Polynesian Islands. The main components of this healing practice are: mental cleansing, breathing, massage and working with energy. The movements of the master during the massage resemble a dance. He works with elbows, forearms, palms,

Massage in Kiev improves the psycho-emotional state, physical and mental. Relaxes the whole body, clamps, tension, fears, fatigue go off – the blocks are removed and the person is immersed in a deep rest. He receives a gentle cleansing, healing and strengthening of the whole organism. Duration of massage 60 min.

5th stage – relaxing face massage
While your body is enjoying the wrap, your face also has the opportunity to get relaxation and recovery with a relaxing massage that has a beneficial effect on the skin and nervous
Here you can take a nap, enjoying the peace and relaxed state of your body. Massage will give your face a healthy color, smartness, saturate the skin with oxygen, improve the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic system, and
also our psycho-emotional state, because it is also very important for the health of the whole organism, and not just for maintaining the appearance. Duration of 20 -30 minutes.
Stage 6 Tea drinking with honey.
The effect of the procedure:

  1. detoxification of the body;
  2. working out of muscle clamps;
  3. harmonization of the psycho-emotional background;
  4. lifting, nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Contraindications to the procedure: allergic reactions to fruits, exacerbation of chronic diseases, all kinds of infections, diabetes, varicose veins, fungal skin lesions, scratches
or cuts. (since a significant content of acids will slow the healing of skin)

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