Classic aroma massage

Energy of aromatic oils and experienced hands of Aloha-spa masters will effectively relieve tension and stress, help the body to relax, feel light and calm.

60 мин. / 90 minDuration 700 грн. / 950 UAHPrice

Benefits of aroma massage

  • positive effect on the nervous system;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • elimination of insomnia;
  • normalization of pressure and metabolism;
  • enrichment of the body with useful substances;
  • prolongation of the massage effect (essential oils continue to work for several hours).

Feel your body light and free! Give yourself a joyful mood and try a massage in Kiev!

Contraindications to aroma massage

At the following parameters, aroma massage is not recommended:

  • intolerance to certain aromatic substances;
  • diabetes;
  • thrombosis;
  • virus-infectious diseases.

Do not forget that this procedure is not recommended for children under fourteen. This applies to pregnant women. In the case of cardiovascular diseases or epilepsy, it is better to consult a doctor and a massage therapist before performing such a procedure.

How is aromamassage performed in Kiev?

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Unfortunately, every modern person faces stress and fatigue in his daily life. In order to feel a rush of fresh strength and get a charge of vivacity, you must necessarily allow yourself to “properly” relax.

Aroma massage is a unique procedure that will save you from chronic fatigue and psycho-emotional stress. Thanks to aroma massage you can quickly feel the ease and calmness. Stress disappears instantly, and the human mind is filled with extremely positive thoughts.

Allow yourself to plunge into the realm of fragrances and feel complete pacification!

Aroma massage in the center of Kiev is very popular, because it combines both classical relaxation techniques with the help of the hands of a massage therapist and the effects of aromatic substances. Essential oils have an excellent preventive effect of various diseases. In addition, this combination has a beneficial effect on the skin, helps to improve its protective functions. The most important advantage due to which aromamassage in Kiev is highly appreciated in Pechersk is the increase of human immunity.

During the massage, the stress in the body goes away, stress is removed, the energy state improves, all this in a complex creates harmony and a wonderful state of health.

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