Massage for children

Children's massage in Kiev

Normalization of the muscle tone, correction of the musculoskeletal system, stimulation of the central nervous system and strengthening of the immune system are the main of many useful properties of the children’s massage.

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Why need a massage for children?

Children’s massage is prescribed for children of different ages. But every mother should take into account that there are a number of contraindications, in which it is not recommended to attend this procedure. It is forbidden to apply massage in the case if the child has acute inflammatory diseases. Also to the list of diseases, when it is not recommended to conduct a child’s massage, include the following:

  • hepatitis;
  • heart disease;
  • large hernias;
  • tuberculosis of bones and joints;
  • arthritis.

This means that before you start the procedures, you will need to consult a pediatrician and a massage therapist. Only on the basis of the decision of specialists it will be possible to select the most suitable technique in order to effectively perform the massage for children.

Duration of massage for children is not more than thirty minutes. During this time the masseur can fully relax the child’s body and provide excellent prevention of all kinds of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is designed for children from three to fourteen years of age, to whom such a procedure brings maximum benefit.

Features of carrying out of children's massage

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Each parent cares about that his child is not sick, was healthy and he was not bothered by any ailments. One of the best medicines for problems with the musculoskeletal system is the professional baby massage in Kiev. This procedure helps to normalize muscle tone in the child, as well as stimulate the central nervous system. The next important advantage of massage for children is that it helps to strengthen the immunity of the child.

Doctors confirm that the more touches a child received in the first years of his life, the better and faster he will develop. Behavior, as well as the mood of the child directly depends on how many were physical contacts. Massage for children in Kiev has a beneficial effect on health in the following diseases:

  1. umbilical hernia;
  2. rickets;
  3. neurological disorders;
  4. congenital problems with joints;
  5. anemia;
  6. pneumonia;
  7. bronchial asthma.

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