Slavic beauty was valued at all times, and to this day our girls are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. And the girls themselves take care of the splendor of their body, and we “Aloha Spa” can help you with this comprehensive program “Wrapping”.


Description of the procedure

Caring for your figure is an everyday affair. “Radical” diets, promising a beautiful thin figure in a short period of time, often not only bring disappointment, but can be harmful to health. So, we should not let things go on their own. We return to the sport, take care of a balanced diet and we trust the experts … Laboratoires Ineldea will help to build a figure correction program!

Complex approach to figure correction gives the best, effective and fastest result.

The procedure that improves blood circulation “CRYOKINUM”

It activates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, normalizes the blood vessels, gives tone to the skin.

Duration of the session: 30 minutes

Price: 580UAH

Procedure description:

It is applied to the entire body, accentuating on the “beautifying” areas, balm BALMA-K, massaging well each zone, then wrapping mask-clay KRIO-ARGIL. At the end, the FLEBO-K gel is applied with massage movements.

Contraindications: hypertensive crisis, pregnancy, neoplasms, varicose stage of decompensation.

Anti-cellulite wrap «MINSIKINUM»

It is performed in the areas most affected by “soft”, edematous cellulitis, and those areas in which getting rid of fat deposits is difficult (buttocks, hips, knees, lower abdomen, hands).

Duration of the session: 1 hour 15 minutes

The cost: 750 UAH.

Procedure description:

The main lymph drainage massage is performed. Then the wrap is applied to the “nicer” areas: anti-cellulite slimming gel for thighs, buttocks and legs, and a slimming gel for the upper body (stomach, hands). At the end of the procedure, applying anti-cellulite techniques, a massage cream strengthening with organic silicon SILICUM is applied.

Contraindications: hypertensive crisis, pregnancy, neoplasms, varicose stage of decompensation.

Detoxification procedure “DETOX”

The procedure is both independent and preparatory, before the procedures for weight loss. Specially designed for the drainage of toxins, water and fats, activates blood circulation and lymph circulation, contributes to the normalization of weight.

Duration of the session: 50 minutes

The cost: 900UAH.

Procedure description:

Wrap the mask-clay THERMO-ARGIL on the whole body, (from the ankles to the shoulders to the wrists of the hands). At the end of the procedure, lymphatic drainage massage is done, applying the Massage Oil FOR SLIMMING AND DRAINAGE organic.

Contraindications: hypertensive crisis, pregnancy, neoplasms, clinical stage of cholelithiasis.

“DESTOCK” – A procedure that reduces the volume of local fat deposits

Removes orange peel, fat deposits, which are difficult to get rid of. Has an enhanced effect of fat splitting, activates the circulation, promotes the correction of the figure by removing fats and water, contributes to the loss of fat mass and volume in the right areas.

Duration of the session: 100 min.

Cost of the session: 1050grn.

Procedure description:

Lymphodrainage massage is performed, paying attention to the “well-groomed” zones. Wrapping with mask-clay THERMO-ARGIL. In the end, a fixative anti-cellulite massage is performed with the use of a slimming gel. BURNING FAT TEMPERATURE.

Contraindications: hypertensive crisis, pregnancy, neoplasms, clinical stage of cholelithiasis.

The procedure “THINKING”

Anti-cellulite treatment, with drainage effect, strengthens peripheral microcirculation, improves basal metabolism and burning of reserve fats in cells

Duration of the session: 100 min.

Cost: 1050 UAH

Procedure description:

Applying a massage oil FOR SLIMMING AND DRAINAGE organic, a lymphatic drainage massage is performed, paying attention to the “beautifying” places. Then wrap with clay mask THERMO-ARGIL, covering all the “beautifying” places. Then it is applied

on “good” places of balm BALMA-K, and gel for weight loss ANTI-CELLULITE drainage with application of anti-cellulite techniques.

Contraindications: hypertensive crisis, pregnancy, neoplasms, clinical stage of cholelithiasis.

Program "Weight Loss and Lifting":

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Stage 1 – Running the lymphatic system, which will remove toxins and cell breakdown products from the body, clearing it and making it healthier.

Stage 2 – Wrapping aimed at correcting the contours of the body. Gels, cream for correction of the figure are created on the basis of active substances 100% natural, without parabens, without dyes, without GMOs.

Wraps for weight loss – this is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods of correction of the figure, because with their help for a short period of time the ideal forms begin to manifest, and cellulite, centimeters in the volumes of the legs, hips and tummy gradually melt. Is not every woman dreaming about this, wanting to look always chic and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Stage 3 – An anti-cellulite massage. I would like to emphasize that anti-cellulite massage results in almost a hundred percent of cases. Of course, it works better for someone, it’s worse for someone, but there is always a positive dynamic.

There are three types of cellulite:

Adipose Cellulite
This is the result of a diet that is too rich in fats and sugar. Energy, not consumed by the body, is preserved and then turns into cellulite, easily fits on the hips. To defeat cellulite, you need to separate the fat cells.

Fibrous Cellulite
It is characterized by orange peel. It appears after the collapse of the collagen surrounding the fat cells. Because of this degradation, these fat cells get under the skin. To combat this type of cellulite there is no better than the method of palpation. This massage method facilitates the release of fat cells.

Water Cellulite
This is usually caused by poor lymphatic circulation and a tendency to retain water and even settles in lean people. This type of cellulite is often accompanied by severe problems with feet and swelling. It is often located on the ankles, calves, hips and even hands. Lymph drainage stimulates blood circulation and reduces the effect of orange peel.

The nature of the patient’s cellulitis depends on the actions that need to be taken to eliminate it … People, concerned about their appearance, prefer to trust their body to professionals.

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