New “Apple bliss”

Apple bliss belongs to the category of universal SPA-procedures, which give a multifaceted effect. And if your skin needs cleansing, nutrition and hydration, the nervous system shows relaxation, and the body asks for vitamins, then this procedure is for you. In addition, the natural acids contained in apples have a strong exfoliating effect, make the skin clean and fresh. And what is much important, have a beneficial effect on the vessels and connective tissues.

180 minDuration 2150 UAHPrice

How does Apple Bliss happen?

Stage 1 – warm-up
At the initial stage, the body needs to warm up before opening the pores and giving off a lot of sweat.
Stage 2 – peeling based on fresh apple.
In the process of peeling, thanks to the natural acids in apples, which have a strong exfoliating effect, all the keratinized particles and dead skin cells are removed from the body, the pores are opened, and access to oxygen and useful nutrients to the deeper layers of tissues is provided through them. Apple peeling will make your skin clean, fresh and young.
Stage 3 – apple wrapping
You will have the opportunity for 30 minutes to deliver your holiday pleasure to your skin. A mask of fresh apples and honey will be applied to your entire body.
The purpose of apple wrapping is not only a pleasant rest, but also global vitamin and mineralization of the body, excretion of toxins and toxins.
The procedure increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, nourishes and moisturizes, restores its natural defense, helps to smooth visible signs of stress, fatigue and premature aging, improves the structure and returns a healthy color.

Stage 4 – Aloha-massage
Aloha massage is an amazing combination of various massage techniques. The method of massage is selected individually for you. Depending on your wishes and physiological condition. Duration of massage 60 min.

5th stage – relaxing face massage

The person will also receive relaxation and recovery with the help of a relaxing massage, beneficial for the skin and nervous system.
Here you can take a nap, enjoying the peace and relaxed state of your body. Massage in Kiev will give your face a healthy color, smartness, saturate the skin with oxygen, improve the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic system, and
also our psycho-emotional state, because it is also very important for the health of the whole organism, and not just for maintaining the appearance.
Stage 6 Tea drinking with honey.
The effect of the procedure:

  1. detoxification of the body;
  2. drainage of the body (elimination of excess fluid);
  3. strengthening of blood vessels;
  4. prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  5. nutrition and hydration of the skin.

Contraindications to the procedure: allergic reactions to fruits, exacerbation of chronic diseases, various infections, diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, fungal skin lesions, scratches or cuts. (since a significant content of acids will slow the healing of skin)

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