850-1050 UAH
ALOHA massage * GIFTDuration - 60-90 min
850 UAH
Ayurvedic massage “Udvartana”Duration - 60 min
700 грн. / 950 UAH
Classic aroma massageDuration - 60 мин. / 90 min
400-500 UAH
Classic back massageDuration - 30-45 min
550 UAH
Creole massageDuration - 30 min
700-950 UAH
General classical massageDuration - 60-90 min
1200-1550 UAH
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage in 4 handsDuration - 60-90 min
1050/1350 UAH
Hawaiian massage Lomi LomiDuration - 90/120 min
850 UAH
Herbal SpaDuration - 60 min
350 UAH
Massage for childrenDuration - 30 min
850 UAH
Massage of AbhyangaDuration - 60 min
800-1000 UAH
Massage of GuaShaDuration - 60-90 min
350 UAH
Massage of the neck and collar zoneDuration - 20 min
650-750 UAH
Moroccan massageDuration - 45-60 min
800-1100 UAH
Stone massageDuration - 60-90 min
750 UAH
Thai aroma massageDuration - 60 min
500 UAH
Thai foot massageDuration - 40 min
750-1050-1300 UAH
Thai massageDuration - 60-90-120 min
650-900 UAH
Thai massage SabayDuration - 60-90 min
850 UAH
Tibetan honey massageDuration - 60 min
850 UAH
Tok SenDuration - 90 min

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How to choose a massage in Kiev?

When a client comes to a SPA salon for a massage, he wants to relax not only his body, but also his soul. To do this, during the procedures apply all kinds of aromatic oils, candles and special music. In tandem with gentle, but confident movements of the master, tension is removed from each muscle, tissues are filled with oxygen and therefore the general condition of the body improves. Even the ancient wise men of China believed that the way to cure every organ is through the muscles and tissues. If the right pressure on certain points, you can improve the heart, kidneys and general metabolism.


When is it necessary to go massage in Kiev?

If a person feels chronic fatigue, moral exhaustion, and also he suffers from bad sleep, then one must try one of the exotic massages in Kiev. To increase the stock of vitality, it is better to use massage herbal pouches or Chinese technology Tok Sen. Massage in Kiev is recommended with the following symptoms:

  • overwork;
  • muscle weakness;
  • weak metabolism;
  • excess weight;
  • depression;
  • stress.

After the first massage, a person immediately feels better, but if you take a short course, this will allow for a long time to consolidate success. To choose the most suitable massage in Kiev on Pechersk, it is better to discuss this issue with a massage therapist. He will advise that option, which will have the most favorable effect on well-being and will increase vitality, and will also give new strength for work. After the procedure the client expects a cup of fragrant green tea to warm up the body not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

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