1600 UAH
Berber hammam Duration - 105 min
1050 UAH
Berber peeling Duration - 45 min
1150 UAH
Foam massage Duration - 45 min
Hammam from Maestro Duration - min
400 UAH
Having warmed up in the hammam Duration - 30 min
2050 UAH
Moroccan Hammam Duration - 150 min
1050 UAH
Peeling in the hammam Duration - 45 min
1650 UAH
Turkish Hammam Duration - 135 min
1050 UAH
Turkish peeling Duration - 45 min

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How is the hammam in Aloha Spa conducted in Kiev?

  1. Warming up the body in the sauna and periodic contrast shower – to prepare the body for massages and peeling;
  2. Foam massage by special technology, which is carried out by vessels with foam;
  3. Peeling the whole body to clean the pores and body from greasiness and keratinized skin;
  4. Classic full body massage with massage oils and creams;
  5. Face mask of blue or white clay (depending on skin type);
  6. Relaxation and tea drinking under relaxing oriental music and incense.

Do you want to get a real Turkish pleasure without going to Turkey? Visit the hammam in the center of Kiev on Pechersk in our spa salon Aloha Spa and feel yourself on vacation. The hammam procedure is much more complicated than a regular visit to the salon. We try to repeat all stages of this procedure, so that our customers really feel what a real Turkish hamam is.

Each of these stages is very important and is conducted using special technologies. Professional specialists of our salon are ready to immerse you in a state of complete relaxation. You only need to enroll in our spa salon in Kiev for the procedure of hammam, and you still have to contact us.

Features of the hamam in Kiev in Aloha Spa

For many travelers who like to visit the eastern countries and use those peculiarities of color that they possess, Turkey undoubtedly associates with the hammam. Massage in the hammam is one of the main attractions of the country.

All Islamic baths, including Turkish and Syrian, are created exclusively by one standard. They have a number of their unique differences. It is important to take into account that hammams do not have much in common with other types of baths.

For example, it is extremely easy to distinguish Russian bath models from Turkish ones. Islamic hammams in the first place are distinguished by the fact that inside almost everything is finished with the help of marble. This applies to both sex, and walls and couches. But, do not forget that all available surfaces have individual heating. This allows a complex action on the human body and helps him relax.

The History of the Hammam

The first mention of the eastern baths have been available since the time of the Roman Empire. The first part of the word “boor” means “hot” in Arabic.

According to some judgments, Prophet Muhammad himself agitated to receive such a massage. The temperature regime, which is used in the implementation of such massages, is between thirty and fifty-five degrees.

Hammam in the Pechersk district of Kiev is a unique phenomenon for the capital of Ukraine. Due to the fact that the procedure is performed by specialists, each visitor not only enjoys, but also can perfectly recover.

The hamam comfortably waggles the whole body, saturates the skin with oxygen and cleanses the body. After the first session, you will feel much better.

Hammam is the best tradition of Turkey getting pleasure from massage and bath. This technique is also called soap. Circular movements with a stiff washcloth on thick soap foam – this is the feature due to which the hamam is so highly valued in Kiev. This unique technique guarantees not only relaxation, but also peeling, which makes it possible to cleanse the skin of the deadened epithelium.

Who should take a hammam?

First and foremost, who is best suited for hammam are people with rheumatic diseases. Also, doctors recommend a Turkish form of relaxation in the event that a person has one of the following symptoms:

  • pain in the muscles;
  • arthrosis;
  • osteochondrosis.
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