Facial Massages

650-900 UAH
Anti-age lifting Duration - 60-90 min
900 UAH
Circular facelift Duration - 90 min
400 UAH
Classic face massage Duration - 30 min
600 UAH
Facial massage Gouache Duration - 60 min
500 UAH
Marma Massage Duration - 45 min
1050 UAH
SPA face care Duration - 90 min

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Who should massage the face?

The main advantage of massages for the face is that the benefits of the procedures are the same for everyone, regardless of the age of the girl. This means that for all this procedure will be most useful. At following indications carrying out of such massage is recommended:

  • wrinkles, folds;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • bruises under the eyes;
  • double chin.
  • Also, if the girl showed stagnant phenomena in the tissues or swelling on her face, then facial
  • massage in Kiev in this case is irreplaceable.

Contraindications to face massage
Of course, this type of massage has a huge number of benefits, helping to slow the age-related changes in the body and having medicinal properties. But not with every health you can carry out the procedure. Doctors do not recommend facial massage with the following contraindications:

  • chronic dermatosis;
  • purulent lesions;
  • herpes;
  • inflammation of the facial nerve;
  • weak vessels.

Of course, the final decision as to whether it is possible to carry out facial massage is decided only by the doctor. Therefore it is necessary to consult with him. After the procedure every client of our SPA salon in the center of Kiev in Pechersk will receive a cup of fragrant tea with honey to fill the body with heat from the inside.

Features of the facial massage

In modern cosmetology, facial massage includes a set of various techniques that together provide a relaxing and healing effect. Mechanical impact occurs using techniques of rubbing, as well as pressure on special lines.

In order to enhance the effect of the procedure, you can also use both aromatic and medicinal oils. They have healing properties for the upper layers of the skin, as well as enveloping it with aromas to relax and tonify the body.

Facial massage at the spa salon in Kiev at Pechersk is characterized by an excellent complex of effects on the skin. Among the main types of such procedures are the following:

  • Gua-Sha;
  • myoplastic;
  • Anti-age lifting;
  • Marma massage.

Depending on the indications and recommendations of the masseur, each client will be able to select the most effective procedure for himself.

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