Hammam from Maestro

The bath reflects the spirit of the nation, of the whole people. The reason in the energy mechanisms of the impact on man 4 elements: water, fire, air, earth – which is Life itself!
Many years of experience of Alexander Moiseenko, along with the best specialists: Ukraine, Turkey, Russia and Morocco in the Turkish and Moroccan hammam, was synthesized in the author’s methods of bath art.

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What is the hamam of A. Moiseenko?

Different types of authentic and natural peelings, unique warming up with hot streams with the help of towels, massages incorporating the best techniques, original warming with hot peshtamal massage, lifting face massage with a terry cloth, cryo face massage, exclusive head and beard wash with massage, procedures, a chakra strait from bowls, a facial massage with a towel, a relaxaxion of the head, irrigation of the face, hair and body, washing of the feet with massage, exclusive bathing etiquette.

The best experts from Ukraine, Morocco, Russia, France, England, Israel and Ireland gave the highest evaluation to these procedures and unanimously called them Spa Rituals. In the spa menu “Maestro” you will find three rituals of bath art:

  • Moroccan Spa Hammam.
  • Turkish Spa Hammam.
  • Berber Spa Hammam.

Come. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a guest!

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