Wasabi SPA

Spa treatment for men consists of warming up the skin, from peeling, which includes sea salt, honey, ginger, sesame oil, this combination perfectly cleanses the skin and improves blood circulation. After that follows glazing on the basis of wasabi with cream with the addition of essential oils, rice and corn flour. The active manual massage ends with the transition to Creole (bamboo sticks).

120 minDuration 1550 UAHPrice

Description of the procedure

Wasabi is a plant from which a purely Japanese, surprisingly specific and interesting seasoning is made, very sharp, but tasty and useful. Already, how this plant is grown, it may seem surprising to us: the sharp-burning roots of wasabi feel best in the icy water of mountain streams.

This, truly miraculous product, has many medicinal properties: antibacterial, increases blood flow, it contains many pectin substances and enzymes that improve digestion, also wasabi is saturated with vitamin C, the strongest antioxidant that strengthens the body’s protective functions.

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