This is a unique method of soft and effective effects of aromatic herbs and essential oils on the body through the skin, thereby stabilizing the immune and nervous systems. Warming in a phyto barrel can be a separate procedure, or as preparation for subsequent procedures.

20 minDuration 350 UAHPrice

Feature of a unique phyto barrel

The phyto-tea in Kiev is the best and most affordable way of obtaining great benefits for the body. This compact bath affects the human body with aromatic herbs and essential oils. Using all sorts of aromatic substances can calm the nervous system and stabilize the immune system.

This is the safest, most convenient and effective bath for anyone. An important advantage of phyto-tea is that the head does not fall under the influence of steam. This means that for many people who have certain problems with blood vessels, this procedure will be safe in contrast to the traditional Russian bath. The whole body remains inside the phyto barrel, where it is treated with steam and aromatic oils.

In our SPA salon, a client who wishes to take advantage of this relaxing procedure is placed in a phyto bar for twenty minutes. Warming up can be as a separate procedure or preparation for certain types of massage.

Upon completion of the procedure with phyto-tea the client will receive a cup of aromatic tea with honey. This will warm the body from within, fill it with fragrances that have a beneficial effect on the general condition. This will also restore the body’s water balance.

Indications for the procedure

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With certain ailments, doctors strongly recommend using a phyto barrel in order to improve health. What is the procedure most often required for?

  1. Losing weight, because for twenty minutes from the body displays unnecessary moisture and a certain amount of processed fats.
  2. Elimination of stress.
  3. To improve sleep.
  4. Improvements in the immune system.
  5. Treatment of skin diseases.

The list of ailments in which such a procedure can be prescribed is sufficiently large. Therefore this question should be discussed with the doctor individually.

When is not recommended phyto-tea?
Fibococci in the Pechersk district of Kiev can also harm the body if a person has certain contraindications. First of all, it concerns diseases of blood vessels and heart muscle. The bottom line is that fragile walls of capillaries can break down from temperature changes.

It is better to refrain from using phyto-tea to pregnant women and during breastfeeding. It is also important to monitor the temperature of your body, since it is forbidden to visit the bath for colds.

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