Thai massage

This massage technique is aimed at restoring the circulation of human vital energy, relieving tension from the entire body, increasing the elasticity of muscles and tendons, developing flexibility, returning the body to a state of equilibrium through deep relaxation and the influx of vitality.

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How is Thai massage done in Kiev?

Thai massage in Kiev every year does not stop gaining huge popularity. This unique technique has a beneficial effect on the human musculoskeletal system and helps him to completely relax, having enjoyed life.

Traditional Thai massage originated more than 2500 years ago. The ancestor of a Thai massage is called a doctor from northern India – Jivaka Kumar Bhak, a court doctor and a friend of Buddha. This technique was considered a spiritual ritual, closely related to the Buddhist teachings. Before the ritual, a mantra is spoken, asking to give health and happiness to the guest: “We pray for the one we touch, that he should be happy and any disease be defeated”.

The birthplace of the Thai massage is ancient Thailand. For a long time, the techniques of this massage have been used in medicine. They treated everything from headaches and spinal pains, to depression and insomnia. In our spa salon in Kiev you can experience all the advantages of Thai massage techniques. Our masters have been trained in this procedure for many years and know exactly how to work on different areas of your body.

Before the massage, your body is completely relaxed by stroking and light massaging. When the body is completely unclenched, Thai massage begins with an impact on the points and lines of vital energy. Such lines are on the body of each person and are called Sen Sip. There are ten such lines. Every Thai masseur knows how to correctly and in what order to influence each line of vital energy. Thai massage can be carried out, both in a sitting and lying position. Everything depends on the chosen technique and the desired result.

Our spa salon in Pechersk, in Kiev, you will offer a preliminary consultation with a massage therapist, in order to find out what technique of Thai massage is better to apply it in your case. You can tell us all the problems, and we will definitely help you to fix them.

What features does Thai massage have?

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Thai massage combines certain elements and details of various techniques from China and India. They significantly influenced the development of their own massage in Thailand. Experts confirm that this type of relaxing procedures also has a huge list of general and Japanese style. Many techniques and moments were taken from yoga.

Thai massage combines in a single whole the techniques of three therapies: linear massage, deep massage of muscle-tendinous meridians and manual therapy with elements of yoga. It is through mild stretching and massaging that the tension of the body is removed, blood circulation is activated, muscles relax, their elasticity is increased, joint mobility improves. Traditional Thai massage, renews and normalizes the work of organs and body systems, strengthens and rejuvenates the body.

During the procedure, the client is dressed in loose clothing, bare feet. In this case, only natural fabrics, for example cotton, are used.

When a real Thai massage is held in Kiev, then in this case all kinds of oils and creams are not used. Only in certain situations, special extracts can be used. Their goal is to increase the healing effect of the procedure.

Specialists of our SPA-salon take care to achieve emotional contact with the patient. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve both the best relaxing and curative effect of the procedure.

What is the benefit of Thai massage?
A huge benefit traditional Thai massage in Kiev has for everyone, regardless of the gender of the person. During such procedure it is possible to receive huge benefit:

  • joints and muscles relax;
  • stress is relieved;
  • achieving full relaxation;
  • pains decrease;
  • improves the functioning of the circulatory system.

Every client of the SPA salon immediately feels better after receiving a Thai massage!

Many Europeans believe that with the flexibility of the body you need to practice yoga. But Thai massage will achieve a better result. It is worth considering that the participant of the procedure does not need to do anything at all.

Thai massage in the Pechersk district of Kiev is most famous for being a great way to rejuvenate the body. A person who regularly resorts to such a service feels young and full of energy. With the help of Thai massage, the balance between the spiritual and bodily appearance of a person is restored. After the procedure, each person will be able to get a cup of fragrant tea with honey to greatly enhance the relaxing effect of the massage.

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