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Have you come to the conclusion that your face needs care? .. Or do you have an important business meeting or an unexpected romantic date? .. Then you will be perfectly suited for a face care “Shine”. This program is a whole complex of procedures, which is aimed at achieving a firm lifting effect. In addition, it provides correction of the face oval; tightens pores and smoothes wrinkles; activates metabolic processes and cell repair; improves skin elasticity and tone; leads to a noticeable rejuvenation.

Of course, we all want to always remain young. But the years go by, the cells of our body begin to renew more slowly, and our skin ruthlessly betrays us. This especially applies to the face skin – after all, our face is always in sight. To maintain the beauty and youth of the person, an irreplaceable help is of course a massage, properly selected cosmetics and procedures. Spa care for the face “Shining” refers specifically to such procedures. It can be visited one-time to achieve a quick rejuvenation effect. But for a more persistent and pronounced result it is recommended to conduct it by the course. Duration and frequency of which depends on your age and skin condition.

90 minDuration 1050 UAHPrice

How does the SPA procedure for the face?

1. As with any cosmetic procedure, the spa treatment “Shine” begins with the cleansing of the facial skin – make-up remover.

2. The next stage is a honey massage of the face.
Honey facial massage is the ideal procedure for oily, fading, combined, dull and rashy skin. After the first session, clogged pores will open,
the complexion and skin relief will improve. Massage helps to get rid of age spots, irregularities and fine wrinkles.

In honey contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins, which, penetrating into the skin during massage, nourish it, stimulate metabolism, accelerate its metabolic processes. The honey massage of the face improves the circulation of the deep layers of the skin, promotes the removal of toxins from it, so that the skin becomes elastic, elastic and returns its healthy color. Probably, there is no other gift of nature like honey, which would have such a lot of therapeutic cosmetic effects, but nevertheless there are a number of contraindications to this massage:
Honey facial massage should not be done with couperose, too sensitive skin and honey allergies. In case of contraindications, do not despair! Honey massage can be replaced with natural soft peeling.

3. Mask “Green clay with tea tree oil”
Green clay is an ideal tool for deep cleaning of problem skin. It reduces sebum, reduces pores, tones up the skin, gives it smoothness and firmness. Tea tree essential oil prevents the spread of irritation, reduces redness.

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4. Facial massage.
Thanks to a facial massage, you can not only dip into the atmosphere of relaxation and bliss, but also get a tangible healing effect.
During the massage, work is carried out with strained and weakened muscles of the face, neck and décolleté, as a result of which the face oval is pulled up, wrinkles and wrinkles are smoothed or reduced. In addition, during the massage improves blood circulation – increases the flow of arterial blood and skin cells get more nutrients and oxygen. As a result, the complexion, the skin turgor improves, and the aging process slows down. Improving the outflow of venous blood and lymph, facial massage helps to eliminate swelling and has a lifting effect. And of course massage affects the nervous system – relieves emotional stress and other consequences of stress. Endorphins are produced – hormones of joy, happiness and pleasure. it
raises mood, promotes improvement of a dream and the general state of health.

5. The next step is to apply a face mask. And here you have an alternative
choice. You are offered two options:

-aggressive mask, thanks to which the active mineralization of the skin, which in turn improves its appearance and color. Helps maintain a firm lifting effect;
provides correction of the face oval; tightens pores and smoothes wrinkles; activates metabolic processes and cell repair; improves skin elasticity and tone; leads to a noticeable rejuvenation.


-Mask “Shine” (natural mask based on clay enriched with 20 herbs) The mask includes Moroccan clay Gassul and such herbs as myrtle, kilindzhi, rosemary,
Rose Settifolia, wormwood, Moroccan daisy, caraway, anise, flax, lavender, etc. The mask is suitable for all skin types, and has long been used for rejuvenation and recovery
skin of the face. It strengthens the face oval, narrows the pores, smoothes fine wrinkles, makes the skin glowing, cleanses, moisturizes, brightens. The face skin becomes smooth and velvety.

6. One of the final stages of this care is the application of aloe gel to the face.
Extract of aloe vera calms and promotes skin regeneration, provides it with additional nutrition and restoration of the protective barrier, has a moisturizing effect.

7. Energy massage “Matrix of youth”
This is a unique author’s technique, based on the principle of bioenergocorrection and which is aimed at the effect of rejuvenation and recovery.
You will look simply charming! Duration of the procedure is 1.5 hours.

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