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Alexander Moiseenko (Ukraine, Kiev) – the first champion of Ukraine in classical and spa massage. Nomination for “Best Ethno-massage” at the World Championship, winner of the tournament “Battle of the Titans”. Repeated referee of championships and tournaments on spa massage. Prepared a number of champions and prize-winners of regional stages and finals of the championship of Ukraine on spa massage. On the account of 5 finalists of the World Championships in spa massage, 4 of them were marked with different nominations.

Teacher of classical and author’s massage techniques and spa technologies of international level. Speaker of international forums and congresses on massage.
He took part in the opening and work as a spa technologist and coordinator of a number of leading spa centers in Ukraine. At the present time he is the teacher of the “Massage Workshop Moiseenko”, the Massage Academy Ineldea, the brand of the technology engineer of the French brand Ineldea and the Moroccan Nectarome, the owner of the massage salon “Aloha Spa”.

Many years of experience of Alexander Moiseenko, along with the best specialists: Ukraine, Turkey, Morocco and Russia in the Turkish, Moroccan hammam and Russian bath was synthesized in the author’s techniques of bathing. In the courses on massage and bath practices Maestro (as Alexander called his students), generously shares the art of bath practices. A lot of his students successfully work in Ukraine, the Arab Emirates, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus.

Classic Course 3200 UAH

The program of the course is designed for beginners who want to master the profession of a massage therapist from scratch or practicing masseurs who want to improve their skills. This course includes teaching practical techniques and the basics of theoretical knowledge about the effects of massaging on human organs and systems. The basis of spa service and etiquette, sanitary and hygienic standards, knowledge of anatomy and human physiology is given.

01/05/2018 8 lessons
Moroccan Hammam 2 700 UAH

So, what you might be interested in is this ritual. The fact that he passed the test of time, is based on many years of experience. The fact that the master can use all the variety of natural funds from Morocco for hammam. After all, the Berbers for centuries used the gifts of nature of their land to maintain health, beauty and youth. And the fact that the assortment has a large set of procedures for compiling SPA packages.

02/05/2018 8 hours
Moroccan massage 2000 UAH

Practical training author’s technique of Moroccan massage. This author’s technique is used at the end of the Moroccan Hammam or is performed as a separate procedure. The main purpose of the massage is a qualitative, deep study of the entire body in a short time. Techniques of traditional and exotic massages with author’s additions are used, including a massage of the auricle, face and head. Particular attention is paid to the paravertebral ishane-collar zone.

01/05/2018 8 hours
Turkish SPA Hammam 4 200 UAH

This technique is one of the most popular in the spa salons. It has passed the test of time and has reached our days. We have expanded this ritual: introduced etiquette bath etiquette, the author’s technique of foam massage and exclusive washing of the head. The ritual is based on the great experience of working in the SPA.
The workshop is designed for practicing masseurs and aestheticians in the body. Training provides an opportunity to improve the qualification of a specialist.

02/05/2018 16 hours

Why is it worth trying massage courses in Kiev from Aloha Spa?

The teacher always share knowledge, changing your life for the better. By getting new knowledge, skills you increase your educational level, constantly monitor new technologies. All this leads you to success in life and success in your professional activities. At the same time, your motto for life is the rule: Love of people. At the end of the course on massage, students receive certificates of an approved sample based on the methodology studied.