Circular facelift

Circular facelift is a unique modern technique of tightening without surgical intervention, with it you can achieve excellent results in a short period of time and maintain them for a long time.

90 minDuration 900 UAHPrice

What are the features of carrying out a circular facelift?

At the moment, a new unique technique is actively used – plastic facial massage. This procedure allows you to do without surgery and hold a lift. Circular facelift face in Kiev has a huge list of advantages, because during such a massage, the client is corrected by contours and lines, problem zones are eliminated and an excellent shape is given to the face. It creates the feeling that the master plays the role of sculptor and recreates the face.

Thanks to this massage, the face oval is restored. This also helps prevent possible changes in the contours associated with age. Circular facelift helps to relieve muscle tension, because this procedure not only visually rejuvenates the body, but also helps restore its vital tone and a sufficient supply of energy resources.

Of course, now there are a lot of different massage techniques that have their own characteristics and advantages. But only if you actively use a circular facelift, you can achieve the most significant results. It will happen in the shortest time, and the effect of the procedure will last for a long time.

Contraindications to circular facelift

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Circular facelift in the center of Kiev in Pechersk is characterized by a huge number of benefits, but to ensure that this procedure is extremely beneficial, you should always consult a doctor. Particular attention should be paid in the following cases:

  • sites of skin damage on the face;
  • dermatitis;
  • herpes;
  • rashes;
  • acute allergies.

Of course, everyone’s health is individual, therefore, without consulting an experienced specialist in this case can not do. Do not forget that it is better not to agree to myoplasty, if a person has blood diseases or low intracranial pressure.

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