Moroccan massage

Moroccan massage

More and more popular and popular is the Moroccan massage. Moroccan massage in Kiev is a unique procedure that can provide a huge pleasure to every visitor of our SPA salon. With the current shortage of time, you can get a quality general massage in just 45 minutes.

45-60 minDuration 650-750 UAHPrice

Features of Moroccan massage

The main difference between this massage and other techniques lies in the fact that it has a whole complex of active influence on all human systems. The effect of the Moroccan massage in Kiev on Pechersk becomes visible after the first session. The technique of this massage is incredibly effective, and allows you to get rid of the problems that are associated with overwork. It is necessary to rinse every muscle and at the same time keep within 45 minutes. These criteria and formed the basis of this technique.

Techniques of sports, classical and Peruvian massage, and passive movements in the joints are used. Special attention is paid to the cervical-collar zone.

Contraindications to the use of Moroccan massage

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Particular care must be given to the following health problems:

  1. cardiovascular disease
  2. malignant tumors
  3. infectious diseases
  4. high blood pressure
  5. inflammatory processes on the skin.

The duration of this procedure is from forty-five to sixty minutes.

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