Thai aroma massage

Thai aroma massage in Kiev

This technique was born more than two thousand years ago under the influence of two cultures: Indian and Chinese. Thai massage has an impact on a person’s physical condition, emotional and spiritual.

If a person is already tired of the usual massage techniques, and he would like to try something new, then the Thai aroma massage in Kiev is perfect for this. This unique technique of obtaining bodily and spiritual pleasure was created thanks to the influence of two great cultures several millennia ago.

At the end of the procedure you will find a cup of fragrant tea with honey.

60 minDuration 750 UAHPrice

How is Thai aroma massage done in Kiev?

First of all, the specialist starts working with the client’s feet. After that the Thai aroma massage in Kiev smoothly passes to the whole body and even the head.

Several effective techniques are used during the session. These include acupressure, deep muscle training, and most importantly – the use of aroma oils, which can significantly enhance the effect of the procedure.

When the relaxing massage ends, there is a state of rest and bliss. During this period, there is a cleansing of thoughts, and a person feels pleasure from the fact that every muscle comes to a relaxed state.

Contraindications to Thai aroma massage

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Of course, no matter how useful this procedure is, it has a list of health problems in which Thai aroma massage is not recommended. It is better to abstain in the following situations:

  • pregnancy;
  • allergy to used oils;
  • transferred operations;
  • pathology of the nervous system.

If a person has some contraindications, then it is better to first consult with a medic and a massage therapist. Discussion of the technique of massage with a specialist will not only make the procedure safe, but also the most effective, because the master will carefully work out certain areas that will cure many ailments.

The duration of such a pleasant procedure is one hour. For a huge amount of pleasure and relaxation, each client needs to pay only 650 UAH in our spa in the Pechersk district of Kiev.

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