Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi

Modern residents of the capital must necessarily relax after a hard working week. One of the most popular opportunities for getting deserved relaxation is Lomi Lomi massage in Kiev. This technique came to us from Hawaii and is deservedly considered to be one of the oldest in the world. This technique of influence on the human body has no analogues. It should be noted that this massage has a very strong relaxing effect, which can be compared with the effect of several days spent at the resort.

90/120 minDuration 1050/1350 UAHPrice

Features of Lomi Lomi massage

Legendary massage Lomi Lomi is a miracle of Hawaiian massage, where you can hear how your Soul “sounds” in harmonious unity with the body, gaining freedom and filling with love.

Lomi Lomi is one of the most ancient types of massage, originated in the Polynesian Islands. Its name is translated from the Hawaiian language, as “a soft touch of the velvet paw of a contented cat. For centuries, healers and elders of the clan used sacred knowledge of sacred practices, believing that divine blessings flow through their hands. The main components of this healing practice are: mental cleansing, breathing, massage and working with energy.

How is Lomi Lomi massage done?

Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi arrived to us from a remote paradise island. Its goal is to deliver everyone a paradise pleasure. In our spa salon in Kiev, you can experience all the delights of Lomi Lomi.

Massage Lomi Lomi does not contain a complex technique, but it takes time to learn how to do it correctly. The masters of our spa salon know about the intricacies of this exotic massage and can give you true unforgettable feelings of relaxation.

The ritual of the Hawaiian massage is conducted with burning candles, to the sounds of the incoming wave and the enchanting ukulean guitar, returning the body and soul to the state of innocence. First of all, before the session of such a massage you need to pick up massage oils and turn on quiet Hawaiian music.

Lomi Lomi’s massage includes a large amount of tactility. It gives you the feeling that you are simultaneously touched all over your body. This effect is created because the massage is performed not only by different parts of the palm, but also by elbows, feet, knees, special stones and chopsticks for massage. Gradually the movements of the masseur become stronger and by the end of the session a bit chaotic. In the course of Lomi, no part of the body remains without attention. Even some internal organs are massaged.
It is in the “Aloha Spa” on Pecherskaya, we are ready to open for you the uncharted world of Lomi Lomi massage.

The history of the Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi

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The territory of the birth of unique technology is the Polynesian Islands. Lomi Lomi is not an empty phrase, since from Hawaiian this name means that the cat touches with its soft paws. And it really is, because such a massage conveys the same sensations.

For a long time such a technique was used by healers in Hawaii. Massage helped to get rid of many ailments that are associated with the joints of a person. Knowledge was passed down through the ages by the elders of the family, because they were able to survive to this day. Thanks to this, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage became possible in Kiev.

In Polynesia, a unique technique is used not only by healers. This knowledge is widespread among the masters of Hawaiian single combat. Also, in the families of this people, there has always been a certain rule by which wives should make their husbands massage Lomi Lomi.

Always a unique method of relaxation was used by the local population of Polynesia, not only for the healing of physical ailments. The task of massage was also healing of the human spirit. Knowingly, thus, healers tried to achieve a single whole between the physical and the astral shell.

The effect of Lomi Lomi massage
Of course, each person with the permission of his doctor can use the procedure of Hawaiian massage. But for some people Lomi Lomi is the most effective. First of all, massage is recommended for those who do not have enough tactile sensations. The technology of the expert’s hand movements will help clients in the following situations:

  • neuroses;
  • oppressed state;
  • stress;
  • depression.

If a person suffers from regular headaches or he feels insecure, Lomi Lomi’s massage in the center of Kiev in Pechersk will definitely help him. Doctors recommend using this procedure if the client has hypertensive diseases or diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system.

Hawaiian massage in Kiev must necessarily take place in the presence of burning candles and to the sound of an incoming wave. And to complete this unique composition of pleasure will allow the sounds of a Hawaiian guitar.

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