Food of the gods (chocolate)

The ritual has a relaxing, relaxing effect, it is truly a divine procedure, a favorite of women and girls, since none of the women’s spa procedures does not make them as happy as this.

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История и Описание процедуры

Why is our ritual of chocolate wrapping called “Food of the Gods”? Yes, because according to the legend of the Indian tribes of cocoa – a tree to people as a gift to Earth brought God, who, thanks to the “ray of the morning star” came down to them and taught them to grow, collect, prepare from the fruit of the cocoa tree a delicious drink. This is already in our modern hour, thanks to the development of the confectionery and cosmetic industries, chocolate had to go through a transformation from a drink prepared by Indian tribes of bitter taste, into an exquisite delicacy for the soul and body, beloved and popular all over the world.

Chocolate contains a sufficient amount of phosphorus, which improves the nutrition of the brain, magnesium, which is responsible for the regulation of cellular metabolism, calcium, which helps strengthen bone tissue.

In chocolate, a large number of biologically active substances from the group of flavonoids, which have a beneficial effect on the human body, help in the treatment of depressive conditions, the product is useful for the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

“Food of the Gods” is a ritual with chocolate and chocolate, before the procedure, our guests are offered a cup of fragrant tea, then in your body it will be steamed to a pleasant languor and cleansed with a fragrant coffee scrub so that the effect of the chocolate mask for the body itself had the greatest effect , and completes the procedure with shea butter and coconut massage. Unforgettable and fabulously pleasant, the aroma of chocolate will accompany you for a long time after the procedure, you can enjoy yourself and your state for a long time.

PROGRAM “Food Bgov-chocolate”

  1. Fitochka.
  2. Body peeling based on coffee.
  3. Body wrap – chocolate wrap.
  4. Massage – 30-40 minutes.
  5. Recreation. Tea with honey.

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