Massage of Abhyanga

Abhyanga is an oil massage of the entire body from the tips of the toes to the top of the head, this is one of the many Ayurvedic procedures that is rightfully considered not only healing, but also very pleasant. Massage balances the work of all body systems, brings peace to the mind, and the body gives a healing relaxation and fills with energy.

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What is the use of Abhyang massage?

Massage Abhyanga – a full body massage with a specially selected for you warm oil, enriched with herbs and essential oils.

Oil massage nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, helps to relieve stress, fatigue, normalize sleep, restore strength, helps to purify the body: blood and lymph from toxins, adipose tissue from accumulated excess fat, restores the work of the gastrointestinal tract, actively removes excess fluid, reduces stagnant phenomenon.

This massage is recommended to be done daily. Abhyanga is resorted to if there are complaints about sleep, skin condition or general fatigue.

However, this is not all the benefits of Abhyang massage in Kiev. Below are listed the main reasons why you should contact the master of this massage, among them:

  1. Problems with blood circulation and nervous system;
  2. Reduced muscle tone and skin tone;
  3. Lack of joint lubrication;
  4. Slow reaction;
  5. Problems with digestion;
  6. Skin roughness;
  7. Reduced performance and endurance;
  8. Problems with sleep.

What oils are used for Abhyang massage?
The choice of massage oil is one of the most important stages of massage. There are three main types of oils that are used for Abhyang massage:

  • Sesame oil;
  • Herbal oil;
  • Aromatic oil.

Often, if a person is tormented by certain pains, oils are used on herbs, since they often have healing properties. If you are more concerned about the state of mind, it is better to use the right selected aromatic oil. Very often masters mix among themselves several different oils in order to achieve the best effect of the procedure.

Technique of Indian massage Abhyanga in Kiev

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Abhyanga has a profound and extensive influence on human health. Oils and herbal infusions penetrate deeply into the tissues and dissolve the toxins accumulating in the body, having a fat-soluble nature, which then leave it naturally or as a result of additional procedures. Oil, duration of exposure and type of massage are selected in accordance with the constitutional type of body, type of habitat, age, sex, season and disease. There is a deep and natural harmonization of the body, emotions, psyche, fatigue, mental and emotional tension are removed. It is believed that Abhyanga slows the aging process, relieves tension, fatigue, weakness, improves eyesight, improves skin quality, makes it more sensitive, refined and strong, protects against stress, strengthens muscles and improves skin texture.

Not in all salons do Abhyanga massage in Kiev, but in our spa salon in Pechersk you can fully enjoy this wonderful procedure. At the end of which a cup of aromatic healing tea with honey will be waiting for you.

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