Turkish peeling

Peeling Turkish

Each girl wants to have a fresh and beautiful skin, since her age and health state visually depend on her. Eastern techniques are becoming more widespread and popular, like Turkish peeling in Kiev. Such procedures include warming up in the hammam and purifying the skin with the help of a kess. Kesse’s handkerchief is a rebel invention. This special mitten, with which you can do skin peeling and at the same time massage your body. As a result, physical and spiritual health is provided, as well as a complex body cleansing.

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How is the Turkish peeling done?

Turkish peeling in time takes forty-five minutes, because it consists of several stages. First of all, this preparation, which includes warming up in the hammam. The optimal temperature in this case is a range from forty-two to forty-five degrees.

After warming up, the pilling procedure follows. It is carried out on a warmed marble table (gebeke) with the help of a Turkish glove – kesse, which is characterized by a rough surface.

After the procedure, the guest of the SPA salon will have tea and rest. Natural herbs, from which the beverage was brewed, help to quickly restore strength.

Benefits for the body from Turkish peeling

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It is much more important to determine why this procedure is so useful for health. The main positive properties include:

  • removal of the horny layer of the skin;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • toning of the skin;
  • stress relief;
  • purification of discharge streams of sweat glands.

After the end of the Turkish peeling procedure, the guest immediately feels the relaxation of the whole body.

Turkish peeling in the hammam helps to improve the general condition of the whole organism. This procedure will be an excellent addition to the program of figure correction in the Turkish hammam.

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