Massage of GuaSha

Massage of GuaSha

This technique improves the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue by stimulating metabolism and improving blood flow. As a result, there is a natural weight loss and correction of the figure.

Massage GuaSha is one of the oldest types of massage, which has more than four thousand years. The creators of the unique technique are the ancient sages, who used knowledge about the flow of energy in human channels. Massage Guasha in Kiev is able to improve the work of the internal organs of man, and also allows you to create a body of energy for many years.

60-90 minDuration 800-1000 UAHPrice

Features of the unique massage technique of GuaSh

It is not surprising that the whole of Eastern Europe becomes incredibly popular. And so now the technique of massage GuaSha is so popular.

This technique is carried out with the help of special scrapers, as well as plates. First of all, the effect occurs on certain reflex zones, which are located, both on the face and on the body. The main healing properties of this technique are:

  • stagnation in tissues is eliminated;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • many skin diseases are eliminated;
  • the body is released from toxins;
  • complex rejuvenation of the organism takes place.

As working materials use different plates, both with jade and wood. Also, materials such as buffalo horns are often used.

What are the advantages of the Guava method?

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The main thing in this massage is that it reunited simple technique with maximum efficiency from the procedure. This became the keystone to the success of GuaSha and it was able to get such a significant spread not only in China, but throughout the world. For example, now is very popular GuaSha massage in Kiev on Pechersk. Also it is necessary to note the following important advantages of the unique technique:

  • the general condition of the body is substantially improved after the procedure is completed;
  • high efficiency in the treatment of many diseases;
  • the client will receive a lot of good impressions of the procedure.

Specialists of our SPA salon have carefully studied the unique technique of massage. The duration of this procedure is from one hour to one and a half. After the massage, each client will certainly receive a cup of aromatic tea with honey.

Contraindications to massage GuaSha
Benefit from GuaSh massage is difficult to overestimate, but there are contraindications. It is not recommended to apply the technique in the following situations:

  • increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • low blood coagulability;
  • injured skin surface;
  • oncological diseases;
  • high blood pressure.

Before embarking on the procedure, it is recommended that each person consult with the doctor in charge and with the masseur.

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