Turkish Hammam

Turkish hammam are several elements of folk culture in one single procedure, which brings a person youth, health, cleanliness, peace and joy of communication. Hamam (Turkish bath) as a phenomenon of Eastern civilization has a rich and ancient history. He owes his appearance to Roman terms, the idea of ​​which has not disappeared with the empire. Cleansing of the body is carried out thanks to special traditional gloves with a rough texture and natural soaps that turn into the skillful hands of the Hammam masters into huge foam clouds, gently and pleasantly touching the skin, make it smooth, soft and insanely fragrant and chic.

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Features of the Turkish hammam

On the unique variety of baths: hammam – everyone heard that often visits saunas. Now the Turkish hamam not only brings great pleasure to every guest who came to this procedure, but is also incredibly useful for health.

Indications for Turkish hammam:

  • to restore body functions;
  • for relaxation;
  • to eliminate muscle tension;
  • for the improvement of thermoregulation mechanisms;
  • for removing toxins from the body;
  • to improve the condition of the skin;
  • to improve the psycho-emotional background, under stressful conditions;
  • to strengthen immunity;
  • for the prevention of colds;
  • for relief of the condition with hypotension;
  • for violations of fat metabolism.

The Turkish hammam in the center of Kiev in Pechersk has always been very popular. The essence of this procedure is the use of traditional mittens with a rough structure. Also, specialists actively apply natural soaps, which in skilled hands turn into large foamy clouds.

How is the Turkish ham performed in Kiev?

What comes to your mind when you hear “Turkey”? Of course, the sea, the beach and the hammam in Kiev. Turkish hammam is the visiting card of this fabulous eastern country. The procedure of the Turkish hammam is carried out according to a special technology and is multilevel. You are not simply immersed in a relaxing sauna, in which steam completely envelops the body, removing all the slag from it. After the body is completely relaxed, you can experience all the delights of a foam massage that is performed on all parts of your body.

Stages of the ritual:

  1. Meeting of the guest;
  2. Peeling and watering from bowls;
  3. Rest, tea with honey and treats;
  4. Soap massage;
  5. Contrast procedures;
  6. Rest, tea with honey and treats;
  7. Moisturizing is the application of cosmetic products to the skin.

During all stages of the hammam ritual, you can enjoy tea drinking in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Give yourself a rest and go to our spa salon in Kiev today! You only need to register. And let the whole world wait!

History of the Turkish Hammam

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It has already become the norm that everything under the term “hammam” means Turkish baths. The root word in this term is “boor”, which is translated from Arabic as “hot”. Hundreds of years ago, such a bath was heated exclusively with the help of a large boiler. At the moment, traditions have not changed much.

In the shortest time, Turkish hamam became incredibly popular all over Turkey, and soon the unique technique of bath massage began to appear in different parts of the world. Over time, the hammam began to enjoy its unique rituals. For example, such a bath has become an integral part of life for every Turkish woman. All men were obliged to let their wives go to the hammam at least once a week.

The main feature of the Turkish bath is the temperature regime used. The range is from thirty to fifty-five degrees. An important advantage of this bath is that it does not have such high temperatures as in similar saunas. Such a bath is ideal for people who can not tolerate high temperatures or have certain cardiovascular diseases.

Contraindications to Turkish hammam
Of course, Turkish SPA Hammam has a huge benefit for the body, but this procedure has significant contraindications, which are important to consider. Do not forget that the Turkish bath is more sparing in comparison with other thermal procedures.


  • with exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • when the temperature rises;
  • with inflammatory diseases of the heart (endocarditis, myocarditis, pericarditis);
  • after myocardial infarction;
  • with inflammatory diseases of the coronary vessels;
  • with heart disease with signs of tachycardia;
  • with all forms of hypertension, accompanied by cardiac or renal insufficiency;
  • with angina pectoris 3-4 FK (functional class);
  • at acute feverish conditions;
  • with anemia;
  • with trauma of the brain;
  • with pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • with bronchial asthma with frequent seizures;
  • infectious diseases;
  • with Botkin’s disease;
  • with peptic ulcer with a tendency to bleeding;
  • with extensive inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • with acute diseases of the eyes and ears.

Each person has an individual state of health. For this reason, in any particular situation, specialist consultation is required. If a person does not observe these contraindications, he will receive only benefit from the procedure.

After the Turkish hammam, each client will necessarily feel relaxed and will experience a complex relaxation. In order to consolidate the positive success, the visitor of our salon will necessarily receive a cup of fragrant tea with honey.


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