Classic face massage

Many people wonder why you need to do face massage. Everyone understands the importance of a massage of the feet or back, but why the face? You are very mistaken if you think that a person needs a massage to a lesser degree. Think about it, because it is your face – this is the first thing that people see when they meet. It is very important that it maintain a neat and pleasant appearance. Classic facial massage should be done several times a week, and you will definitely notice the visible results.

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The use of classical facial massage

Classical facial massage solves a number of problems that are more of a concern for the female half of the population, for example:

  1. Eliminates mimic and age-related wrinkles;
  2. increases the elasticity of the skin of the face;
  3. improves complexion due to beneficial effect on blood circulation;
  4. removes the boring bags under the eyes and other puffiness;
  5. has a rejuvenating effect;
  6. relaxes and leads to muscle tone of the face.

Apart from all these pluses, a classic facial massage can also help you slightly enlarge your eyes and lips. Imagine, you do not even need to have an operation. It is noted that facial massage also improves the vision and condition of the teeth. Thus, you simultaneously save on plastic surgery, cosmetologists and dentists. All this can be obtained from a massage that does not take much time and is not an expensive procedure.

How is a classical facial massage done in Kiev?

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Usually every masseur owns this technique. It is not super complicated, but you need to know in which areas of the face you can press more, and where better to do strokes. The skin of the face is very tender and bruises can easily appear on it after a bad massage. Be careful when choosing a salon and a master who will do you a facial massage. Most often, facial massage is performed using cream or oils. They are selected based on the type of skin and the problems that the client wants to solve. Classical facial massage can not be performed if the patient has serious skin diseases or deep cuts / abrasions / abscesses on the skin. In this case, it is better to move the session.

Far from all the salons of the capital you can find masters who specialize in facial massage. In our spa salon in the center of Kiev in the Pechersk district, we will happily take care of your face and do everything to make you satisfied with the result. Register for admission to our professional masters!

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