Creole massage

Creole massage (bamboo sticks)

Creole massage actively helps to relieve muscle and nervous tension, effectively improves blood circulation. Has a positive effect on lymph flow, nutrition of tissues and cells, speeds up metabolic processes in the entire human body. This type of massage is effective in programs for body shaping, weight reduction and physical overwork.

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About Creole Massage

Suffer from overwork? Do you want to relieve muscle or nervous tension? Creole massage in Kiev will help get rid of such problems. This unique healing technique has a fantastic effect, because it allows you to improve blood circulation, which will have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

More than five thousand years ago on the fabulously beautiful island of Mauritius, with its lush tropical greenery, located in the Indian Ocean, Creole massage arose. Ethnic music of the sega, subtle aromas of essential oils and a pair of bamboo sticks filled with grain create a vibration and sound effect, capturing the journey to distant islands into a world of serenity and peace.

The ritual begins with warming and kneading of tissues with the entire plane of the rods, the surface effect is replaced by a deeper one, turning into rhythmic tapping to amplify the vibration and activate the energy channels. The musical accompaniment sets the necessary rhythm and tempo for the complete removal of tension throughout the body.

What can surprise Creole massage?

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The technique of Creole massage has recently been used in our country. The origin of this procedure occurred on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

For the first time, more than five thousand years ago, this type of massage began to be used on the island of Mauritius. Local people in this village called Creoles, and therefore went to a modern name for massage techniques.

Two bamboo sticks are used for the procedure. To select the appropriate size for them, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the zone on which this special procedure will be performed. If a girl removes cellulite, then in this case large sticks are used.

In the event that it will be enough to simply tone the skin or strengthen the muscles, it is better to use small sticks. In addition, with their help, it will be possible to provide and acupressure when pressing on biologically active points.

The beneficial effect of Creole massage
Physicians, as well as employees of our SPA salon confirm that thanks to this massage the client will improve lymph flow and also the quality of nutrition of the cell membrane. Throughout the human body, metabolic processes will accelerate, which will have a beneficial effect on the rate of weight loss and overall health.

Creole massage in the Pechersk district of Kiev has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the client. Do not forget about the improvement of the skin. This procedure is often prescribed for cellulite and mental fatigue.

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