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Massage from Aloha Spa is an amazing combination of different massage techniques. Everyone’s health depends largely on his emotional and psychological state. Constant stresses that surround the modern person from all sides, have a huge negative impact on the overall tone and performance of each. For this reason, all need to regularly visit relaxing procedures that will allow for a full relaxation. Aloha massage is a unique opportunity for complex relaxation of the body from famous specialists.

* PROGRAM OFFER: when paying a deposit in 5 massage sessions lasting 1 hour – in a GIFT Thai foot massage or head massage to choose from.
At the end of the procedure you will find a cup of fragrant tea with honey.

60-90 minDuration 850-1050 UAHPrice

Features of Aloha massage

Each client of our SPA salon has individual features of the body. For this reason, any person will need to choose a suitable method of massage separately.

Unique Aloha massage in Kiev combines many different techniques to choose the best option depending on the preferences of the client. The massage specialist will select the most appropriate techniques to make the process of obtaining pleasure not only the most effective, but also healthful.

The duration of this procedure is from sixty to ninety minutes. The exact time will depend on which techniques will be used, and which areas need special attention.

Upon completion of each client’s procedure, a cup of fragrant tea with honey will be expected. This will increase the effect of relaxation from the massage and thus thoroughly warm the body, both outside and inside.

Using the most effective movements from various techniques, you can achieve the greatest recovery result. For example, if a person has problems with the vertebral part, then in this case choose the appropriate Aloha massage in Kiev


What use does the technique of Aloha massage have?

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It should be noted that a suitable Aloha massage will be selected only after consulting with the appropriate specialist. Due to the fact that the procedure has a beneficial effect on the whole body in a beneficial way, we can safely talk about the following benefits:

  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • improvement of mood;
  • acceleration of blood flow;
  • pain in problem areas is reduced;
  • neutralization of cellulite;
  • improvement of the quality of the nervous system.

Aloha massage in Kiev on Pechersk is an excellent opportunity for every resident of the capital to take a break from everyday routine. Thanks to the professional massage technique, everyone can fully relax and get a sufficient level of relaxation.

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