The procedure begins with warming in the phyto barrel using aromatic herbs. Then the peeling is carried out and after the wrapping. The procedure ends with a relaxing massage.

120 minDuration 1850 UAHPrice

Description of the procedure

Panties are young, still uncoated horns of deer during their periodic growth.

The healing power of such an unusual medicine was mentioned even in ancient Chinese mythology, where reindeers were revered as permanent companions of the gods, and in the works of an ancient Roman physician. Later, pantas were widely used in Chinese and Korean medical systems.

The horns consist of 22 amino acids that are in nature, the antlers of the Altai contain 18. There are as many trace elements as there are none in the artificially created vitamin complex that can be bought in the pharmacy: phosphorus, calcium, nickel, and potassium , and silicon, and sodium, glutamic acid, nitrogen, lipids, proline and glycine, enzymes, enzymes, and much more.

Such a luxurious composition allows the use of antlers to treat diseases of various human organs.

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