Foam massage

It’s no secret that there are a lot of different massage techniques around the world. All of them have their own unique features, descriptions and healing properties. Depending on how each massage is performed, the benefit will depend on it. At the moment, one of the most popular techniques in our SPA salon is just a foam massage in the hammam.

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Features of foam massage

If we consider separately the Turkish foam massage, then its task is to purify the skin and relax the body through massage. The entire procedure lasts forty-five minutes. The following beneficial effects on the human body can be noted:

  1. skin cleansed;
  2. improves blood circulation;
  3. favorable influence on the joints;
  4. The skin turgor is strengthened and toned;

Therapists confirm that one of the most beneficial effects of foam massage on the body is that it removes toxins. It can also be noted that this technique can help women reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Foam massage in the hammam in Kiev can improve a guest’s sleep and nervous system. Such a procedure is able to warm up well and remove physical and moral overstrain.

The basis of a relaxing foam massage is rooted in medieval Turkey. The task of this procedure is to ensure maximum relaxation. Correctly executed foam massage is capable to provide the best rest, both for physical, and psychological health of the person. In order to guarantee the guest the best relaxation, after carrying out all the necessary procedures, it is very important to have a rest and drink a cup of fragrant tea with honey.

How is soap massage performed in Kiev?

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Before soap massage, it is necessary to prepare a soap solution to the desired temperature (not too high, however, above normal body temperature).

Before the massage, foam is distributed throughout the body with a foam bag. Soap massage is carried out to relax the body and therefore it mainly uses squeezing, at the request of the guest soap massage can be more profound – to work out the muscles. Basically, strong pressing is not typical for this type of procedure. Each master can make adjustments to the technique and use different methods of massage.

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