Having warmed up in the hammam

Warmed up in the hammam

Warming in the hammam is one of the most popular Turkish steam rooms. They are known all over the world and if you ever visit the hammam, you will definitely return there again with pleasure. Why do people go to the hammam, and not to a Russian bath? In the Turkish sauna you can really relax and get better. It is healthy and famous for its rejuvenating effect. After warming up in the hammam, you can pamper yourself with a massage. The body will thank you.

30 minDuration 400 UAHPrice

What is the heating in the hammam?

As you understand, the meeting place can not be uncomfortable. It is for this reason that the hammam in Kiev is not as hot in comparison with other baths and steam rooms. The temperature reaches a maximum of 50 degrees. In such a room it is not difficult to be for a long period of time. The air is not too wet and it is easy for them to breathe. Turkish hammam is not designed to make you sweat. It serves only to warm the body and prepare it for other procedures (peeling, massage, etc.).

You are welcome to visit the hammam, if you like it when you are surrounded by steam, but does not burn. You also like to spend time here with a friend, because in such an atmosphere is very pleasant to communicate. Register for our warming up in the hammam and choose other procedures in our spa in Kiev on Pechersk “Allocha Spa”. From us, you will surely leave contented, relaxed and rested.

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