Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage in 4 hands

In the world there are many different massage techniques. They all come from the ancient traditions of a certain people. Most of the techniques went from the countries of the far and near east. In this article, it will be a traditional Hawaiian massage in 4 hands. Such a massage, like many others, belongs to the group of Ayurvedic massages that combine healing and relaxing properties.

60-90 minDuration 1200-1550 UAHPrice

Features of Hawaiian Massage

The main advantage of a four-handed massage is the scale of the body, which is covered simultaneously in the process. You can easily imagine how different are the sensations when you are massaged by one pair of hands and two. This is a huge difference. In the process of such a massage, the sensitivity of the body increases. This is observed in most cases in women.

The main advantages of Hawaiian massage in 4 hands:

  1. Favorably affects the nervous system, blood circulation, digestion and other basic vital processes;
  2. Increases the elasticity of the skin, removes stretch marks, cellulite and small fat deposits;
  3. Your thinking becomes less chaotic, and the mind is pure;
  4. You will have pain in the back, muscles and joints.

Everyone who has ever tried a 4-handed massage in Kiev himself notes that after it you experience unforgettable sensations that can be compared with rest in heaven.

A four-handed massage is performed using different oils, which can be of different origins. For example, herbal oils have a curative effect, and aromatic oils are soothing. Some masseurs prefer to mix different types of herbs and create their own unique oils that will combine different properties.

How is the massage in four hands in Kiev?

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On the one hand, it may seem that in 4 hands massage in Kiev is much easier than in 2. However, this is a delusion. You must merge with your partner-masseur and move synchronously, in one rhythm. With the wrong movement of a masseur, the movements of the other are knocked out. This technique needs a very long time to learn and not everyone achieves mastery in it.

In the capital, you will be looking for a very long time salon, in which you can make a quality Hawaiian massage in four hands in Kiev. However, we hastened to make you happy. It is our spa salon in Kiev that provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in nirvana from this massage. You only need to go to the Pechersky district of Kiev and experience an unforgettable experience in our salon.

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