Ayurvedic massage “Udvartana”

Ayurvedic massage

A unique ayurvedic massage will give your body health and beauty, and the soul – harmony. Udvartana – deep massage of the whole body with the use of dry powder of medicinal herbs and spices. This type of massage perfectly removes tension from the body and mind, tones up various body systems, rejuvenates the skin and improves blood circulation.

60 minDuration 850 UAHPrice

What is the effect of Ayurvedic massage?

For the first time this technique began to be used in India several millennia ago. Ayurvedic massage Udvartana is able to deliver a rare sensual pleasure. It tones and relaxes at the same time, besides it has a pronounced health effect on the whole organism:

  • the nervous tension is relieved;
  • stress decreases;
  • absolute relaxation;
  • improves the functioning of the circulatory system;
  • muscle clamps are removed;
  • the working capacity of the joints increases;
  • all toxins are eliminated from the body.

Thanks to Ayurvedic massage, the skin becomes tender, its structure is leveled, inflammations disappear. The procedure tones up the muscles, your body will be more embossed, tightened and attractive. Lightness, excellent mood and spiritual harmony – this is the result of Ayurvedic massage.

You can completely relax in the experienced hands of the masters of our spa in Kiev and get an unforgettable pleasure!

Contraindications to Ayurvedic Massage

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This technique came to us from a distant, beautiful India, generously endowing with magic new sensations and positive emotions. Thanks to a bouquet of oriental oils, fragrant Indian herbs and spices, to the sounds of divine mantras in the gleams of lit candles, Indian massage in Kiev, just like yoga, is able not only to relax a person, but also to clean his energy from negativity and destructive conditions.

The ritual begins with a toning massage in oil and goes into a cleansing procedure with spices, giving the skin firmness and tightness, making it smooth and silky.

This procedure is not recommended if there is an allergic reaction to used oils or herbs, infectious and acute inflammatory diseases, as well as skin diseases, injuries and wounds.

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