New “Pineapple pleasure”

The procedure Pineapple pleasure is a real delicacy … for the body. To try it out, you have at least 2.5 hours of fun. This is how long the given spa procedure lasts. “Pineapple pleasure” is aimed not only at nutrition and skin rejuvenation, it is also suitable for combating cellulite and excess weight, stretch marks and pigmentation. In addition, the procedure has a relaxing effect, helps to cope with stress. After such a procedure, the body seems to glow and is still fragrant with delicate fragrances of delicious overseas fruits. Bring some beauty into your life, let me take care of myself.

180 minDuration 2250 UAHPrice

How does "Pineapple Pleasure"

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Stage 1 – warm-up
At the initial stage, the body needs to warm up before opening the pores and giving off a lot of sweat.
Stage 2 – peeling on the basis of pineapple, honey and cane sugar.
During the peeling, thanks to cane sugar, all the deadly particles and dead skin cells are removed from the body, the pores are opened. Honey that is a part of the peeling mixture absorbs toxins and nourishes the skin with vitamins and bioactive substances, and pineapple supplies it with potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and helps to get rid of hardened skin areas.
Stage 3 – Anti-cellulite massage
First of all it is worth noting that anti-cellulite massage has not only a cosmetic effect. The objective of the procedure is to improve blood circulation in the body, and also to eliminate stagnant phenomena. Also, due to this, cell metabolism is activated and stimulation of lymphatic outflow and circulation in the entire body occurs.
Duration of massage 60 min.
4 stage – Pineapple wrap
Everyone knows that pineapple is a delicious and very useful fruit. But not everyone knows that pineapple is an effective means for losing weight. It is rich in minerals, contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B12, PP, provitamin A, a bromelain enzyme that not only breaks down fats, but also helps to smooth and renew the skin. Pineapple slows the aging process of the skin, supports it in a tone, not letting lose its elasticity and smoothness.

In addition, pineapple wrapping helps to effectively moisturize the skin. Pineapple saturates the skin with potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, ascorbic acid. As a result, an excess fluid is removed from the body and the volume in the problem areas decreases. Duration 30 minutes.
5 stage – Alginate Face Mask
While your body is shrouded in a gentle natural cream of cream and fresh pineapple, the master will put an alginate mask on your face. Alginate mask is a cosmetic of the new generation. It is made on the basis of a substance obtained from brown algae. The advantage of alginate face masks is that their use favorably affects the skin of any type. Due to its ability to retain moisture, the water balance is normalized.

This is especially important in the case of mature and aging skin. Due to active mineralization, it improves the appearance and color of the skin, helps maintain a firm lifting effect; provides correction of the face oval; tightens pores and smoothes wrinkles; activates metabolic processes and cell repair; improves skin elasticity and tone; leads to a noticeable rejuvenation. And all this – not miracles of plastic surgery, but only the action of alginate masks on the skin.
Stage 6 Tea drinking with honey.
The effect of the procedure:

  1. detoxification of the body;
  2. modeling of the contours of the body;
  3. improvement of metabolic processes;
  4. elimination of excess fluid;
  5. lifting, nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Contraindications to the procedure: allergic reactions to fruits, exacerbation of chronic diseases, various infections, diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, fungal skin lesions, scratches or cuts. (since a significant content of acids will slow the healing of skin)

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