Anti-age lifting

Now it’s not necessary to do costly surgeries and braces to look younger. You just imagine how much money you can spend on these stupid things that have deplorable consequences and require constant correction. Not to mention the fact that this is a very unpleasant and even painful procedure. Forget that the only option for rejuvenation is various injections. Make a modern massage Anti-age lifting, which will not only tighten your skin, but also significantly rejuvenate it.

60-90 minDuration 650-900 UAHPrice

Advantages of massage lifting

Anti-age facial lifting has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, being the prevention of aging.

  • increases the softness of the skin and gives it a healthier color.
  • the skin is cleared of torn horny scales of the epidermis,
  • the work of sweat and sebaceous glands improves, cell metabolism is stimulated,
  • the lymph flow is activated, the influence of venous congestion is eliminated,
  • the blood supply to the skin increases, its nutrition and metabolism improve,
  • increases the tone of the skin and muscles, which makes the skin smooth, dense and elastic, elastic.
  • aligns the psycho-emotional state.

Thus, you will not only get pleasure from the massage, but you will be very pleasantly surprised by the result.

How is Anti-age Massage Lifted?

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Anti-age face lifting is a massage technique that is a mixture of energy massage with relaxing and, above all, modeling. The work is based on the technique of deep kneading, stimulating microcirculation processes and, accordingly, improving lymph flow, oxygen saturation of tissues. Due to the fact that the tone of the basic muscle groups that form the muscular skeleton of the face is restored, the lifting result is obvious.

In addition to visible effects (rejuvenation, lifting, skin coloring) visible to the naked eye, Anti-age lifting affects the deep processes in the muscles and skin, stimulating the regeneration of tissues at all levels of the dermis. After the first session, the depth of the mimic wrinkles decreases noticeably, the oval of the face is tightened, the neck and décolleté look younger, the effect is comparable to the result of a plastic surgery. The procedure provides impact not only on the face area, but also on the shoulder girdle, neck, neckline, head.

This massage is quite laborious, done by hands, and requires a specialist of high professional training. Anti-age lifting can be called “passive gymnastics” – thanks to this technique, muscles begin to work at full strength.

Contraindications: acne and other skin diseases, abrasions, scratches.

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